Spread the Foodie Love

We love our community and we love food just as much.

To show and unite this area with love, we will be hosting a popup Friday June 2nd 6pm-9pm here at Dee Spot.

Tickets already on sale at Eventbrite and we expect a Sold Out event. More popups to come including Michelin Star Restaurant Chef Bayani Inclano and a few others who loves to cook as well as eat.



As our specials keep changing daily, we like to simply just give you previews of what we are capable of cooking.

Got some serious creativity here.  Many of these items are available for catered orders if given 48hours notice.

Here’s a few preview of what we’re cooking up here. Yummy! The Chefs are getting absurdly creative these days.

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Rainbows and Silver Linings

Ahhh, the ever most popular phrase “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Yes, California has gotten a boatload of rain–so to speak.

We are out of the drought, but at the same time, what to do with all this water?

We took this time to make the best of things out of the rainstorms. We are pursuing the rainbow for it’s light of happiness and not for it’s pot of gold-metaphorically speaking.

What have we done? We’ve perfected making our own bread. We’ve perfected making our own bagels now.  Our pastries are stellar and have little to no sugar at all.  Our coffee pursuit to perfection is always ongoing.  Despite the stellar ratings from our existent 150+ customer base already (sorry, We still have a hard time remembering everyone’s names), we still strive for perfect coffee.  Why? Because it’s in our nature to give the very best back to the community.  Our roasting training is still ongoing, but one day, we will make the precise custom coffee flavor you so very desire for every individual who comes in. A very bold task, but we are game!

Most importantly, we listen to our customers!  With our new menu, our focus is affordable good eats!  Come try our new Turkey Bowl or our growingly popular Ham, Mac N’ Cheese Community Sandwich. (Add bacon if you like).  Tailored towards the starving artists and college students, while also maintaining the proportional appetite for the working class professionals.

No doubt about it, we are here to stay and serve the community from wonderful sandos and bowls, amazing coffee, and house made pastries every single day, 7 days a week.  And if you are just bored, and need a wonderful barista to chitty-chit chat with, about anything, come and sit at our bench instead of a corner table.  We love being a shoulder and ear for the community.  Friendly workers and a manager who “Actually” cares.  The rainbows are always there in the sky.  Sometimes we have too much cloud coverage, but it’s still there.



Remodelling Complete

Back in Black.

We are back and ready to serve you deliciously brewed coffee and then-some.

Stop by to say Hi even. We are happy to get to know everyone in the community.


Remodeling Kitchen in Progress

We are thankful for the magnanimous support from our customers.

An urgent remodeling of the kitchen is needed to provide adequate prep space and storage.

As such, we have to close for the remodeling to be finish.


We hope to re-open by this weekend Saturday October 8th. Online ordering will be refunded until the remodeling is complete.

Thanks for your attention.

Online Ordering Delayed until Sept. 20th.

We want to make the online ordering experience impeccably great. So as a result, we will delay the online ordering on our website until our staff is ready to go.  There are still a few more items needed so that we can take online ordering to the next step.  We hope to get it started on Sept. 20th. In the meantime, keep staying tune on our site to see updates.


Awesome Weekend Opening

We had an amazing and supportive Grand Opening. What a success!

Just some fun and loving people…

Thanks to everyone who made this a fun day!

Pre-Opening Update

We look forward and are ecstatic to our opening day.

We are currently operating within a limited menu and training our staff.

However, the new menu and hours will be operational on September 10th.
There will be a Grand Opening Celebration.

Online Ordering will be accepted on September 12th.

For any further questions or interests, feel free to contact us at cvanthin@deespot.com

If you are interested in being part of our passionate, creative, and eclectic team, forward your resume over to cvanthin@deespot.com