Expanding our cuisine into other parts of the Bay Area

We are excited to announce that our Dee Spot food have received high Star Ratings.  Now we are cooking in various other cities in the bay area.  Burmese Chef Ma and Dee Spot Chef Channarith will be co-hosting pop-ups all over the city with a unique fresh Burmese and Healthy Southeast Asian Cuisine dishes you’ve never seen before.  Here is just a sample of Channarith’s dishes.

Prohok & Lemongrass Vacuum Pressure Cooked Ribs with Lychee Dip.

Curry Pumpkin Ginger Pistachio Soup w/ Bonito Flakes.

Dry Ice, Glass and Pandan Jelly with Jackfruit, Palm seeds, Coconut shavings, Banana spice, and Logans.

Lotus Salad with Turmeric, Cucumbers, Radish, Sesame, Coconut Oil, and home made Lemongrass Dressing.

We have a flexible catering menu and here’s a sample of some of the items that are offered. We also offer seasonal items for the holidays like turkey, dumplings, pumpkin soup.