Those who are hard at work making a difference in tackling this virus need food to eat and drink. We support these fighters and those who fight from home.
In these tough “sheltered in place” times, we would like to thank and show gratitude to both those who are combating the situation and those helping to prevent it.   We appreciate the support of those patrons who have been dining with us since 2016 and adore our garlic noodles and fresh made pastries–including our famous bagels.

We will still be open this week to support those who did not stockpiled in advance and need nutrients.  We encourage 6 feet of distance and takeout/pick-up orders.  We sanitize and disinfect the tablets we use along with the credit cards and cash we receive. Your safety is our priority.  We are still available via DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, and Grubhub.  Phone orders also accepted for pick-ups.
To those who wish to support us, we have electronic gift cards available online.  You can get one from the link below or by clicking here:
We will get through this as a community–together.
Send a digital gift card in any amount you choose