At the heart of our business has always been “Community”.  Despite the laborious hours of making pastries, made to order dishes, and roasting our own coffee beans–after hours the shop work doesn’t end.  Reaching out and collaborating with Emeryville Economic Development, we’ve contributed a large donation of goods such as toilet paper, wet wipes, disinfectants, and canned goods to the Assisted Living Program of COVID-19 here in Emeryville.

As much as we would like to continue with our cooking classes and events, for which the Community here enjoyed, the Cambodian Buffet dinner event previously scheduled for April 11th will be postponed to a more convenient date.

To better offset the changes from COVID-19, we will be changing our hours to 8AM-3PM 7 days a week effective April 6th.  The Loyalty program will also be decommissioned on May 1st.  We will remove a few items from the menu to make it more manageable such as egg salad, tea sandwich, boba, meat lover sandwich.  

On the plus side, we will add make your own sandwiches, quesadillas (without cheese also possible), make your own salads, and take suggestions for dishes you can pre-order for lunch or dinner later.  Example, Salmon Pasta Salad, Turkey Avocado Sandwich, 12oz Chuck Steak. Do let us know 24hour in advance if you get that craving for a dish, and we will do our best to customize it for you as always at a reasonable price. A customize-able meal-kit is what we call it.

Lastly, if you need supplies that we can help out with such as toilet paper, eggs, milk, fresh veggies, let us know. Email us at, and we can buy surplus so that you don’t have to go to Costco or other supermarkets and risk infection. We are here to help–as part of your community.