Free Caffeine for Hospital Employees/First Responders
It’s tough for everybody, and even tougher for our first responders.  Sticking with our community involvement and support, we’ve always believe in karma.  So we are giving away free caffeine for the month of May to anyone who works in relationship to hospitals fighting and trying to save lives.  Free caffeine means free coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, or tea to keep them awake so we can combat and be in this fight together.  Just show your badge/id and you are welcome to redeem your coffee anytime during operating hours.  Welcome to spread the word out to any friends or family you know who wants free coffee.
Wall of Warm Vibes

We would like to take this time to personally thank Alina Pawchareune (@lina_face) and Jon Tetlak (@tetmaniac) for spending their immeasurable love to help build and post up our Wall of Warm Vibes right outside our cafe.  We welcome everyone in the community to offer suggestive comments on things they would do when this is all over. If it’s not already written on the wall, we’ll be happy to share your voice and energetic vibe with the community.  Drop us an email at or leave your voice on our wall to share your comments.  Also follow these two creative artists for other projects they may be able to assist with.
Rain or Shine or Wheelchair
Love is hidden in many different ways we found out.  Shoutout to a loyal and warm regular customer, Mindi, who still comes out in her wheelchair for her dry cappuccino regardless of rain or shine.
Lost but not Forgotten Credit Cards
Take comfort to know that you may not be the only one who did not get enough coffee yet and may have left your credit card at our place.  If one of these is yours, come by the cafe with your ID and you can redeem it back. Not to say names, but in this case (Jason A. Wang, Christine Gallima, Bryan Taylor, Thomas E. Perkins, Dean M. Camara, and Josh Leong)
Lysol, Sanitizer, Masks, and Toilet Paper Oh My.
For those in the community running low, we do have needed essential supplies showcased in our window for sale still.  Yeast for $20 on Amazon–gotta be kidding. It’s just $1 single pack here, or we can weigh it out from our normal stock as much as you need.  We can’t express this enough, together we will get through this!  Anything else you urgently need on your grocery list but can’t go out, let us know and we will do our best to help.  Email: