Dee Spot is focus on community and simplicity.  __logo_trans

What’s the deal with the logo? What is it?
Ahhh, my clever witted web surfer. You want to know what’s the logo and why is it like that?
To put it simply, it’s 2 coffee stain on top of each other. The stains have multiple images and symbols.



There are 5 hearts added to the logo. There are also 3 or more images. Respective to what angle you are looking at, you may see a different photo. I’m not going to tell you which is which. The point and symbolism is that every viewer will see something different. Use your creativity. Is it a bird? And if so, a gryphon? Is it a monster? Is it an anime character? Is it me just messing with your brain?

You decide and you make your own stain in this world. Don’t wipe it off and don’t consider it a messy accident. Accidents are sometimes subtle gifts. Unleash your creativity.

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Here are some creative art pieces we’ve uncovered from the coffee stains.