We are a local community cafe–focused on serving what the community want for coffee.

We roast our own beans, catered to a flavor that the community chooses.  Each season, we change our roast and farms to pick only the best coffee for drip, espresso, decaf, and pour-over that fits the locals.

We are a community driven cafe–tailored to community driven food and drinks.

We choose from multiple beans and farms to pick the flavor profile that best fits the community.

Why do we care so much about coffee? It’s because everyone has their coffee palette.  Picking one flavor that everyone likes does not yield the perfection we strive for every day here.  I am a coffee nazi. I strive for perfection and I want to take coffee to the next level.  Coffee is a trillion dollar industry and no one is innovating like we are.  Companies are just focused on adding flavor to coffee or brewing the coffee a different way.  But what if we can tell you exactly how much caffeine is in every single cup you drink with our advanced machinery?  What if we show you the molecular structure of a coffee bean before and after the grind?  What if we create an acidity vs temperature chart to print on each cup that you drink to show how acidity changes with the temperature of your cup?  What if we measure the temperature of every cup and print it out for you on your house drip?  This is where we are taking coffee into the future. We have a roadmap on how we can perfect this cup, and build machinery that can customize your perfect cup of coffee that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. This is our dream–this is our coffee seriousness!

Stop by, and we can educate you more on coffee science.