7 Exercises Men Should Do Every Day for Weight Loss


Burpees are a full-body, high-intensity workout. "This may be the best bodyweight exercise you can do for weight loss. "It's a full-body action that combines strength by pushing yourself off the ground, plyometrics with a leap, and cardio as your heart rate rises immediately and stays up as you burpee. If you're fit, you can do them quickly, but it's hard to maintain."


Building muscle helps maintain weight loss. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, thus adding muscle boosts your daily caloric expenditure without activity. Start on your knees or with your hands elevated to reduce resistance if you can't do a pushup.


Pull-ups build muscle and test upper-body strength. Pull-ups strengthen the upper back, shoulders, and arms. Building a strong upper back help with posture, weight loss, and most other activities by stabilizing the upper body.


Lunges strengthen legs and enhance balance and stability, delivering a well-rounded weight loss workout.Lunges work the glutes and quads individually. Big sets or walking lunges over longer distances are ideal for raising the heart rate.


Heavy squats boost testosterone, which aids weight loss and muscle growth. Squats are excellent for weight loss even with body weight. Use a box or step to help you squat deeper.

Stair Climbers

The stair climber is a proven fat-loss method for bodybuilders. If you've ever climbed stairs and been out of breath, consider doing it for 20–30 minutes. Stair climbers are also a good alternative to running.


Spin sessions burn 1,000 calories each hour. Weight loss will benefit from that daily caloric burn and a healthy diet. It builds lower body muscles and is low-impact on joints.

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