4 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Leo Soulmates

Initial considerations: When you mention Leo, you're referring to a fixed-modality fire sign controlled by the sun and symbolized by a lion. More alpha than that is impossible to achieve.


Power couple. Leo and Aries make sure all eyes are on them when they come in arm-in-arm. When the Ram and Lion lie down, passion ignites. Volcanic eruptions may occur. Fire multiplied by fire creates a bedroom wildfire.

However, their dominance may cause conflict. If either sings loudly, they lose the exquisite harmony that makes their song so wonderful. They must underline that they are in it to win it and that if they disagree, both lose.


Taurus is the all-knowing advisor, while Leo might be president. Taurus wants no attention, unlike Leo. The Bull enjoys manipulating from the shadows.

Taurus will design Leo's dream life. Taurus' Earth sign can calm Leo's ego before it explodes. Leo must overcome their ego and Taurus must relax to make it work.


Leo plans, Gemini dreams. Leo and Gemini are fire and air signs, respectively. Fire needs air to thrive, spread, and burn brilliantly. Mercury rules communication-loving Gemini.

Gemini's verbal ability is unmatched at flattering, praising, motivating, tantalizing, and inspiring Leo, who needs ongoing affirmation and reinforcement. Leo is ideal for grounding Gemini, who tends to daydream.


Libra is a natural attention-seeker like Leo. Like flowers, both signs want attention. Magic happens when these two social butterflies meet. Libra's easygoing, fun-loving, wide-eyed appeal can complement Leo's dominant demeanor and confidence.

Venus rules Libra, too. Libra is like a gourmet chef, bartender, and geisha to the more practical and business-oriented Leo. Libra has everything Leo wants—and more.

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