4 Zodiacs Need To Believe In Themselves This Week (August 14-21)

It's normal to doubt oneself, but don't give up before trying. It doesn't matter if you're going for a large promotion, a date, or a contest. Trust that you can succeed and that you'll be okay if you don't.


You talk loud but have insecurities like everyone else. You never give up, even when you question your abilities. This week, trust yourself. Trust that you can handle the agenda.

You've persevered before. Why now? Do what you desire even if you're scared or unsure. Try anyhow. Risk yourself.


Cancer, your self-consciousness has hindered your goals. Never again. You can't miss opportunities because you're afraid of failing or disappointing yourself.

You'll regret not trying more than trying, regardless of the outcome. Believe in yourself this week. Remember your worth. You can. Visualize success instead of worrying about faults.


Sagittarius, you always boost others' self-confidence. You are the first to urge your friends to pursue their goals. You rarely do that for yourself. That must change. Start being kind to yourself like you are to others.

Like your family, trust yourself. Be your own biggest fan, not critic. Don't worry if you mess up. It's important to attempt instead of giving up. You deserve this.


Scorpio, always be ready. You always consider the worst-case situations. You must also simulate successful outcomes. You win. You're ecstatic.

Consider the positives and downsides, but don't concentrate on the negatives. Avoid disappointment. Imagine a perfect outcome. Have faith. You could be disappointed—or you could get everything you want.  

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