7 Concrete Signs Your Relationship Is Emotionally Exhausting You

You’re consumed with your partner’s problems

Always worried about your lover. You always want to help them or make them happier. You can't stop thinking about them, even though you try to focus.

Your relationship is one-sided, especially in regards to emotional support

Relationships can never be equally balanced. Your partner might require more emotional support than you do at different stages of life, and vice versa. Nevertheless, the ratio ought to be generally near.

Your partner’s needs are prioritized over yours.

Their struggles are much bigger, right? How could you ask them for support when your needs seem so insignificant? They also make you feel guilty or "too much" when you seek for help. You usually say nothing and do everything yourself.

For "peace," you walk on eggshells.

You may tell your lover you're exhausted and need more, but at what cost? Massive fight? Already exhausted? Maybe not.

You need space badly.

An unplanned weekend is paradise. Like breathing again. When they return, you feel stifled again and want for your next separation. To be honest, they could have departed for two weeks without you noticing. It seems that no space could fully recharge. Emotionally exhausted.

Your partnership is affecting other relationships.

You have nothing left to give your friends and family because your partner drains you. Texting your best friend back is a chore. Even when they're not, everyone feels overextended. You feel bad because you adore your friends and family but are exhausted and empty.

You feel different

Since dating, you've changed badly. Self-recognition is gone. You're weary, irritated, and live life on edge. You're lonely. Missing tranquility. But mostly? You miss your pre-partner self. Your partner is emotionally draining you.

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