8 Foods Shay Mitchell Eats to Melt Belly Flab

Shay Mitchell posted a funny new Instagram shot with a peach—not an emoji—covering her toned physique. Her latest photo shows her dedication to health and fitness. However, the Pretty Little Liars star's regimen is surprisingly achievable.

The mother of two starts each morning with a 30-minute workout and an egg quesadilla with spinach and mushrooms. "I make the same breakfast every day," she told Women's Health. "TikTok's egg quesadilla is my favorite. Never gets old."

1. She Eats an Egg Quesadilla Every Morning for Breakfast

2. She Loves Pizza with a Cauliflower or Broccoli Crust

Mitchell buys frozen cauliflower or broccoli pizza crusts for lunch. She added spinach, arugula, and ranch. Expert Opinion: "Pizza with cauliflower or broccoli crusts is a lower-carb alternative to traditional pizza," Bailey says. Spinach and arugula add fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

3. She Snacks on Veggies and Hummus

Mitchell eats veggies and hummus between meals. "Hummus makes everything taste better, you know?" she said.   The Expert Says: "Veggies with hummus is a nutritionally sound snack," says Bailey.

4. She Eats Beyond Meat Lettuce Wraps

Mitchell doesn't avoid meals or snacks because he likes to eat. She said, "I also have, like, meals for snacks." I cherish Beyond Meat. For a snack, I'll have a Beyond beef lettuce wrap and sweet potato fries.

5. She Loves Fish and Salads for Dinner

Mitchell has a few go-to dinner options, such as pasta or a sweet potato, but right now she prefers sea bass. It's something that's really simple, and I'll serve it with a salad, she said.

6. She Eats Foods From the Farmers Market And is Conscious Of Where Foods Come From

Mitchell wants Atlas Noa to eat mindfully to promote healthy habits. I want her to be aware of what she eats and where. "I like taking her to the farmers' market because she knows where the food came from," she said.

7. She Eats Chips, So As to Not Deprive Herself

Mitchell is healthy and eats well, yet she still indulges. She loves stevia chocolate almonds and chips. As a chip girl, I can eat a whole bag in one sitting. "My favorite," she said.

8. She Eats and Drinks Products That Have No Added Sugars

Mitchell posed with the peach as part of a campaign for Onda Tequila Seltzer, a canned beverage made with tequila, juice, and no added sugars.

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