8 Unexpected Ways to Get More Protein in Your Diet

How do you get more protein into your day? We all know how vital it is for a healthy diet. Twelve sneaky ways you probably didn't know!

1. Make it Your Morning Ritual

Coffee lovers, skip the creamers and use protein powder for a simple morning boost! Whisk your milk and protein powder into hot coffee in a pan instead of stirring. Blend it for a frothy protein smoothie.

2. Keep Nuts on Hand

For a quick protein boost, keep nuts on hand. Be careful—most nuts are high in fat, so don't use them to replace protein. I divide them into snack packs when I come home from the store.

3. Toss In Some Beans

Be surprised how beautifully beans complement so many foods. Add them to soups, salads, spaghetti, and anything else for rapid protein and vitamins. Beans are canned, making them convenient to use when your cuisine needs protein.

4. Sub in Quinoa for Rice Recipes

Quinoa has protein and may replace rice in many meals. Quinoa and rice cook identically, so there's no learning curve if you've never made them. Try exchanging them when you cook rice next time.

A great topping for many foods is seeds. Put a couple on yogurt or add them to salads for crunch! Like almonds, add them sparingly to improve your protein intake.

5. Try Some Seeds

Not everyone likes protein shakes as dessert. However, add some fresh fruit and yogurt, combine, and you have a pleasant, somewhat sweet smoothie that provides protein and temporarily satisfies your sweet appetite.

6. Fight the Sweets Urge with Smoothies

Protein supplements hide in pancakes! Enjoy morning energy by mixing it into the batter before making them. The added protein will also help prevent a sugar crash from overeating syrup.

7. Sneak Some Into Pancakes

Protein-rich milk can be added to coffee or tea throughout the day to boost your numbers. If calories matter, choose skim or low-fat milk. You can also use almond milk in place of dairy.

8. Just Add Milk

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