9 Foods Marketed as Healthy But Are Actually Bad For You

So many goods claim to be healthy, eating healthily might be confusing. Some healthy-sounding meals may be deceptive. We'll expose shocking non-healthy foods like veggie chips and fruit juice.

1. Granola

Granola is considered a healthy breakfast or snack. Store-bought granolas often contain sugars, oils, and artificial ingredients. You already know excess sugar can do.

2. Veggie Chips

Don't be deceived by veggie chips' sophisticated name. Some of their packets may contain "health halo" labels to convince you they have fresh vegetables.

3. Fruit-Flavored Yogurt

Many individuals eat yogurt, which is nutritious. The extra sugars in fruit-flavored yogurts make them delicious treats rather than healthful snacks.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies may look healthy and refreshing, but be careful. Store-bought smoothies sometimes have too much sweets, artificial flavors, and unhealthy fats. Nothing original about them.

Energy bars are touted as a nutritious, handy snack for busy people. They recommend "eat to be energized" to work long hours nonstop. Unfortunately, many of these snacks contain sugar, refined carbohydrates, and artificial additives.

5. Energy Bars

Many believe gluten-free items are healthier because of the phrase. To replace gluten, gluten-free products often contain refined wheat, sweeteners, and harmful additives.

6. Gluten-Free Products

Health-conscious people choose salads. For instance, you need to lose weight, and the first diet suggestion is "do salads." Not terrible advise, but avoid low-fat salad dressings.

7. Low-Fat Salad Dressings

I once heard that a glass of fruit juice over dinner was a "glass full of sugar," and I agree. Fruit juice seems like a natural vitamin boost, but it can hide sugars.

8. Fruit Juice

I loved these until I discovered they were candy bar substitutes. Protein bars are promoted as healthy meal replacements for athletes, regardless of your opinion.

9. Protein Bars

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