Cardio vs Strength Training: Which one should you be doing to lose weight?

When it comes to specific health objectives, like weight loss, it's natural to ask if we should prioritize one over the other, despite the fact that these are two quite distinct workouts.

1. Running burns more calories

A calorie deficit is required for weight loss. In this state, your daily caloric expenditure exceeds your intake, so it stands to reason that exercise, which also helps you burn calories, is extremely helpful.

2. Strength training avoids fat and muscle loss.

Unfortunately, running and long-distance cardio in general is very good for burning calories for weight loss - rather than exclusively fat loss. Weight loss involves every part of the body, including water weight and muscle.

3. Strength training burns calories after the gym.

Not that strength exercise doesn't burn calories. In the session, a 73kg person burned 220 calories in 30 minutes. Many people spend an hour at the gym at the same pace, which is almost 500 calories.

4. Strength training lets you consume more and lose weight.

Calorie deficits seem counterintuitive, but regular strength training allows you to consume more and still lose weight since your muscles need food to grow.

Gaining weight is a common complaint among women going through menopause. Due to the function of hormones like oestrogen, this is a normal physiological process.

5. Weight loss with strength training is better for menopause.

Putting swimming aside, cardio is usually cheaper than strength training. Unlike weight training, which requires a gym membership, most cardio doesn't require much equipment. 

6. Cardio doesn't require as much equipment

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