How to Run Faster and for Longer with These 6 Tips

Go on long, slow runs

Burpees are a full-body, high-intensity workout. "This may be the best bodyweight exercise you can do for weight loss," says Mentus. "It's a full-body action that combines strength by pushing yourself off the ground, plyometrics with a leap, and cardio as your heart rate rises immediately and stays up as you burpee. If you're fit, you can do them quickly, but it's hard to maintain."

Do some sprints

If you hate sprints, reconsider. Sprinting briefly but vigorously increases VO2 max, which improves fitness. Brown advises sprinting to enhance endurance: "Incorporating high-intensity short duration intervals into your runs can help increase your capacity and power."

Train on hills

Many athletes use hill training. Whether outside or on a treadmill, they run uphill moderately to quickly. Uphill training increases speed, according to several endurance trainers. Hills can improve your speed, mental stamina, muscle strength, and rhythm.

Utilize capacity-building circuits

Use light to moderate weights you can manage in the circuit. The goal is to finish the circuit without stopping.

Establish a recovery plan

These measures might be as basic as eating clean, obtaining enough calories, protein, water, and sleep. Consistency is key, so play the long game here.

Strength train

Strength training should complement cardio. Strength training 1–3 days per week. Circuits or workout classes can do this.Orangetheory can boost running stimulus and improve heart rate response to different protocols.

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