Monsoon Health: 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Immunity to Combat Viral and Flu Season

Generations have romanticized monsoon. The rainy season changes everything from watching droplets race on window panes to drinking hot tea and coffee. The season also brings illnesses and disorders. During this time, conjunctivitis, viral fever, dengue, and malaria increase.

Include daily breathing exercises for 5 minutes. As it is beneficial for the lungs, practicing this will also assist to lower blood pressure, clear the sinuses, and increase immunity.

1. Practise breathing exercises

2. Warm Glass of water

A warm glass of water every morning is healthful. Water and cleansing drinks may boost immunity. Fennel seed, methi, and honey-lemon water cleanse toxins and hydrate.

3. Prioritise Good Quality Sleep

We all complain about not getting enough sleep, which is underestimated. While individuals may take pride in working hard and not sleeping, it may have negative effects. Sleep affects immunity. Poor sleep may increase disease risk.

4. Include Healthy Fats

By reducing inflammation, olive oil and salmon may strengthen your immune response against infections. Anti-inflammatory olive oil reduces the incidence of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics may help combat disease-causing germs and viruses.

5. Eat More Fermented Food or Probiotics

Probiotics and fermented meals both introduce beneficial microorganisms that are vital for the gut. and one of the most important things in the monsoon is maintaining intestinal health.

6. Regular Exercise

The importance of consistently exercising needs no justification. It keeps the organs operating properly and the body as a whole healthy and fit.

7. Limit Sugar and Spice

Food and drinks carry bacteria during monsoon season. Thus, diet should be watched. Spicy and sugary foods may harm digestion and kidneys. Thus, eat healthily and digestibly.

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