7 Things To Know Before Buying a Galaxy S23

1. What crazy software will we see?

 Samsung's software is hilariously bad. After decades of small improvements, its UI is virtually as nice as Android was a few years ago. The Pixel 7's Android 13 is more sophisticated and makes Samsung appear old.

2. Why the specific Qualcomm Snapdragon?

The arrival of Exynos and Qualcomm CPUs last year was controversial, and reviewers agreed that Qualcomm had an advantage in performance and battery management

3. Will it communicate to satellites? Should I care?

Qualcomm is showing out satellite capabilities for future Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform devices, but we don't anticipate the first phones to enable them.

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4. What's my phone's Bixby doing?

You may detest Siri, Alexa, or whatever voice assistant you use, but I enjoy Bixby because it can accomplish certain tasks I require.

5. Will it blend?

I have a Vitamix blender but won't blend a Galaxy S23. I really want more durable phones this year. Seeking greater durability for a long time, the slim

6. Can I get one free? Can I receive freebies?

Deals are available when phones debut. Signing a contract, giving up your old phone, and paying too much for a cellular plan with unnecessary features is typical.

7. Will it explode? Sorry, we must ask

Samsung marketed an insecure Galaxy Note 7 phone that prompted the biggest smartphone recall ever. Too many Samsung phones with growing batteries are on Reddit and other sites for comfort. 

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