The 4 Best Pilates Moves to Sculpt Your Abs and Biceps

Abdominal Curls

Start off by drawing a magic circle on the floor and doing some abdominal curls.The purpose of this move is to develop the abdominal and back muscles. Work on the inner thighs is another bonus of using the magic circle.

Flatten your body with your hands at your neck, legs bowed, and feet on the floor. Place the magic circle between your thighs. Abdominal curls for one minute. Hold your curl at the top and press the magic circle for the last 10 seconds to maximize this exercise and feel the heat.

Pelvic Curls

Another workout with the magic circle between your thighs."This targets transverse abdominals, pelvic floor, and hamstrings. Inner thigh work is added to the magic circle.

Start by lying on your back with bent legs and feet on the floor. The magic circle should be between your thighs and your arms at your sides. Press your hips up and roll your lower back into the mat. Your body should be straight from head to knees. Roll back to the mat after reaching the top. Last to drop is your pelvis. Slow pelvic curls for 45–60 seconds.

Standing Squats

Stand squats with the magic circle next. "This exercise strengthens the legs and booty."Adding the magic circle requires arm work.

Standing tall with the magic circle, set your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground by pressing your hips back. Push through your feet to stand. Stand squat for one minute. Squat as low as possible with extended arms pressing into the magic circle for the last 15 seconds.

Standing Biceps Work

The final exercise is standing biceps. Standing tall, place the magic circle on your shoulder, and press down will do this workout. Do this exercise for one minute per side. You can press faster a couple times to feel the heat.

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