Trying to lose weight? Strength Training: Why You Should Do It?

1) It is an anaerobic exercise

Strength training is anaerobic. It involves short intervals of high-intensity movements that use muscular energy rather than oxygen. This causes muscular growth, fat loss, and a toned appearance.

2) It produces muscles

You may drop all the weight, but without muscle, you may look weak and droopy. Strength training burns more calories by using muscle energy. Starting to lose weight without strength training may be easier, but you'll need it eventually.

3) It helps in the after-burn effect

Strength training increases excess post-exercise oxygen (EPOC), or the after-burn effect, by emphasizing intensity over length. This increases muscle mass and assists weight loss even while not exercising.

4) Allows for resting metabolic rate (RMR)

Losing calories at rest? That’s awesome. The body consumes calories at rest at its resting metabolic rate. While exercise helps with weight loss while doing it, strength training works even while the body is resting.

5) Improves strength

Strength training makes you stronger and more capable. Your muscular growth depends on your strengths. Strength training strengthens your physique over time. Lifting larger weights may help you lose calories quickly.

Cardio and strength exercise are necessary for weight loss. A solid workout needs both. Strength training can provide you long-term results and the ideally toned figure you've always wanted. Workout safely and enjoy!

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