We have switched to a catering and pop-up dining experience. The store-front is tentatively closed until foot-traffic is increased.

The Story…  You won’t find anyone more passionate about serving the community then us.

We took an entire year to study, survey, and sometimes heckled until we knew what folks in the community enjoyed eating.  Couple that with unique and healthy ingredients that you won’t find in any other cafes, this is definitely a unique menu.   We had chefs from all over give their feedback until we can conclude on a final menu that everyone can enjoy but not find at other mom and pop shops.

We would like to welcome you to enjoy this menu with over 2500+ unique feedbacks in catering to those with Gluten Free restrictions, Nut allergies, Vegetarians, Meat-Lovers, Flavorful Foodies, Healthy, Organic, Vegan, Diet-Restricted customers, and even with a touch of ethnic love.  There’s always something you can find to eat or drink here.

Catering available in the store or online via EZCater.

1195 65TH St.

Emeryville, CA 94608

(510) 879-7026

“Please let the server know if you have any food allergies”

Feel free to email us with any special catering needs or questions at

We have a flexible catering menu and here’s a sample of some of the items that are offered. We also offer seasonal items for the holidays like turkey, dumplings, pumpkin soup.

Click Here for the Single Items Menu.

Click Here for the Bulk Catering Menu