Temporarily Closed

Hi patrons and supportive customers, Due to some personal responsibilities, we will be temporarily closed for a few months. We plan to re-open back in the summer when issues are resolved. We appreciate the support over the years. 7 years, can you believe it? Times are tough, but we keep getting reborn like the Phoenix! … [Read more…]

Limited Menu

To help maintain a great environment, we will be undergoing a project to rejuvenate on the look and feel of the shop.  This means, no more dine-ins or coming into the store for some time.  All orders are take-outs only or with seating available outside.  We will be shifting to a limited menu while we … [Read more…]

Back to Normal Hours plus new August Specials

Thank you for your continued patronage and support. After some much work, we are back to normal working hours Monday through Sunday. We are planning to have a BBQ outside on August 1st. Do come and get some much needed grilled food and veggies. Looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone there.

Karma and Our Small Business

Free Caffeine for Hospital Employees/First Responders It’s tough for everybody, and even tougher for our first responders.  Sticking with our community involvement and support, we’ve always believe in karma.  So we are giving away free caffeine for the month of May to anyone who works in relationship to hospitals fighting and trying to save lives. … [Read more…]

Community Updates

At the heart of our business has always been “Community”.  Despite the laborious hours of making pastries, made to order dishes, and roasting our own coffee beans–after hours the shop work doesn’t end.  Reaching out and collaborating with Emeryville Economic Development, we’ve contributed a large donation of goods such as toilet paper, wet wipes, disinfectants, … [Read more…]

Supporting the Community by being Open

Those who are hard at work making a difference in tackling this virus need food to eat and drink. We support these fighters and those who fight from home. In these tough “sheltered in place” times, we would like to thank and show gratitude to both those who are combating the situation and those helping … [Read more…]

Bagel Baking Class is Finally Here!

To sign up, click HERE or go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bagels-and-scones-with-dee-spot-tickets-91048708137 Learn the tips/tricks/secret to making that perfect NY style bagel every one is craving about. Control the texture, dough, seasoning, crust, and savory bite that makes us one of the best Bagel shop in ALL of the Bay Area!

Food, Food, Food!

Not only do we have one of the best coffee and bagels in the area, our food is exquisitely popping up–literally. If you know the history of street food, you should also know that there was once upon a time food for the kings/queens of Angkor before all the war and pain came into place. … [Read more…]